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Grace Metalious and her writings are relevant as they were 50 years ago.

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

My novel, The Seasons of Grace is the unauthorized backstory of Peyton Place. Grace Metalious; the infamous writer and social head turner created the ultimate novel which was published in 1956. Her desire to tell stories of her life in a fictional format rang so true with her neighbors, that they

recognized the thinly veiled characterizations as their own, Those assumptions set in motion a series of events that made headlines throughout the country and the world. Grace was shunned in public by the good folks of New Hampshire which only created more of a media sensation.

I wanted to write her story as a women, a wife and a mother; one that had beaten the odds to become the "top dog" in the publishing world. From Boston, to New York City to Hollywood, Grace ruled for a brief period.

Throughout her short life she stood her ground and was her own person, trying her best. But, alas, she was taken advantage of by her agent, her publisher and all the boys club in Hollywood. Grace never recovered and now her story is being told with as much empathy and empowerment as she had done in her own writings.

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Dave O. Dodge
Dave O. Dodge
Nov 06, 2023

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