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Dave O. Dodge is an experienced travel writer, international tour guide and natural story teller. He has now turned his many talents into writing novels. The Seasons of Grace ; the unauthorized backstory of Peyton Place was released in 2021. Betty: A Life Interrupted is the untold story of Betty Hill's extraterrestrial life and will be available in December 2023

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Behind the Author

Born and raised in New Hampshire, Dave has always had a wanderlust for travel and adventure. From a young age his desire to expand his world beyond New England has brought him around the globe and back. His career has been as diverse as his travels. 
He has always had a passion for the arts, from community theater, local television and film work to writing. This has been his secret obsession and hobby hobby. His professional background has run the gambit from Visual Arts to Public Relations and Marketing.
As a travel writer and international guide, he currently makes his home in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.


Ready to Read

The Seasons of Grace  Now Available

The Seasons of Grace: the unauthorized backstory of Peyton Place is available in E-Book, Paperback and Collector's Hardbound Edition.

Betty: a life interrupted

Coming Soon - 2023

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The Seasons of Grace

Betty: a life interrupted

The Seasons of Grace Book

Coming soon to your favorite Independent BookStore

PRESALE - Betty: A Life Interrupted
PRESALE - Betty: A Life Interrupted
Be the first to reserve your copy of Dave O. Dodge's latest historical novel. Set in New Hampshire during the turbulent 1960's, the Hills an interracial couple experienced the unthinkable on a quiet mountain road in 1961. This is their story.


The Seasons of Grace is an unauthorized tale of Grace Metalious and her desire to tell the stories that no one dared to tell before that time.  From small town life in New England to the hustle and bustle of New York City and to the unforgiving film studios of Hollywood, Grace’s story unfolds. This is a classic scenario where art imitates life and so does this story. The young author is coping with literary and financial successes without realizing it. She was creating her own Peyton Place where she herself had to live.  No novel had achieved greater recognition than her first; one out of every 29 Americans had read Peyton Place. They dog eared the pages, underlined passages, stuffed it in the back of a drawer or concealed it from the prying eyes of others. It was a true sensation, and the legacy continues to this day.    The Seasons of Grace is a fictional account based on the author’s life; sometimes dark, sometimes shocking, but always authentic

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Mérida, Yucatan Mexico

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Dave O. Dodge

The beauty of writing is that it can be a solitaire task, until someone actually reads the words you have written. Then the process and the product is exposed; emotions of self doubt and fear of failure begin to surface… Like my protagonist, Grace, as a writer, I too struggle with those feelings.

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