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Just in time for the Holidays

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

My second novel, is also about a strong woman, one that also stood her ground to tell her story to the world.On a lonely and very dark road in the middle of the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire, the unimaginable and unexplained happen to both Betty and her husband Barney Hill.

Betty: A Life Interrupted is the untold story of Betty Hill's extraterrestrial life, written as a novel, this is a true story of alien abduction that set the tonality of all alien encounters that came after.

Book Cover Betty a life interrupted

It was the height of the cold war and in 1961 the world was watching the night sky for evidence of the space race. Their story has been well documented in the mainstream news, television and the movies. My novel focuses on her life and how she coped with the notoriety and shame associated with alien encounters.

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